The Platino Ruble

I came to this company as someone fairly unfamiliar with the Titanium framework, which means I had pretty strong preconceptions about the workflow in a game engine. I still do. However, as I came to understand Titanium and all of its nuances, I started to realize that I need to re-think the way I look at a project.

As Titanium moves towards Alloy as its standard, we wanted to provide a skeleton project to use that environment with Platino. Hence, we have created an official Platino ruble, not the first of its kind but certainly the best. It provides you with two new projects, one for classic Titanium and another for Alloy.

To download it, follow this link:

I  wasn't sure what to make of Alloy in a game engine at first, since it uses a MVC (model view controller) framework to create apps. I have not ever seen such a thing for a game before. But I also believe that is going to be what sets Platino apart in the long run. The use of controllers and views can allow advanced Titanium UI systems handled directly in XML, with stylesheets and everything. The model can provide access to databasing, perhaps even a standardized system for saving and loading game states.

But I've concluded that the best features to come out of this will be things we never think of. You, the developer, will be the one who leverages these new tools in creative ways, while we just do the best we can to streamline it.

Anyway, check it out and let us know how you feel about the general layout!

Joseph Austin

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