Platino 2.5 is here!

We are very excited to introduce the latest version of Platino, read on to see why!

New Touch Events!
Thanks to the tireless efforts of our newest engineer, Joseph Austin, touch events have been overhauled - you can now add touches directly to sprites. Zero additional setup code, it just works.

Our samples have been updated to match, including a new project showing this method working as you switch seamlessly between 2D and 2.5D.

Scaling is Automatic (Touches AND Graphics)
Your Platino projects will now scale automatically for whatever devices you run them on. This means you don't need to write a single line of additional code to support every device size. It will make it a LOT easier for new users to get started, and experienced developers to save time.

Bug Fixes
ALmixer now works properly on Android after some initial hiccups, touches no longer have issues on uncommon resolutions, "pinch to zoom" will now work across all devices, multitouch can be unregistered as needed, along with some smaller, general, behind the scenes tweaks and improvements.
You can see our release notes for more details.

Available now!
Platino 2.5.0 is available right now. Both the trial and full versions have been updated with the above features.

Mac users will notice there is now a simple install script which will let you add/update your modules in under 60 seconds; Windows users will be getting one shortly.

You decide what happens next
This release implements the two biggest requests we've had from our developers, touches and scaling. Now we need your feedback; it's up to our developers what comes next. So, head over to the forum and tell us what you want to see in our next release, or any feedback on Platino 2.5.0.

The team has been busy
While working on the update to Platino, CEO John Gould found time to talk about his experience at GDC 2015 in this post, while CTO Peach Pellen had an interview with Intel about Platino, the industry and plans for RealSense Snapshot support in a future update.

Thank you
The Black Gate Games Team

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for the good work!

    Would it be possible to showcase more games/ apps built with Platino? It would be inspiring to see what others are doing out there.


    • peachpellen

      Hey Sithu, for sure – we hope to have a page up in the near future with some examples. (At least the ones we’re allowed to talk about ;-)) In the meantime, check out the forum – it has some examples already.

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