More Platino 4 News Coming. But First, Some Notes on Platino 3

(Updated 12/26/2016)

We know it's been a while since we posted on here, and we'll be far more active in 2017 as we approach the release of Platino 4.  But for now, since our recent announcement of the big price reduction on Platino Studio / Platino 3 and the upcoming Beta, we've had a few questions come up about our current version.  We'll add to this post as necessary, so check back here often, but for now, here are the most-asked questions we've had in the past few days and weeks:


  • What version of the Ti.SDK does Platino 3 work with?
    A: For now, Platino 3 requires that you use version 5.5.1.GA or earlier.  It does not, and will not, work with version 6, due to the exclusion of certain legacy API's.  It would require a complete rewrite to get it to work with version 6, and that's basically what Platino 4 is - a rewrite - so we're not going to expend the resources that would be required in order to get Platino 3 to work with newer versions.  We apologize for this unfortunate reality, but we'll be working hard to get Platino 4 out and available to the public as quickly as we can.  We guarantee that not only will Platino 4 be continuously updated to support the latest Ti.SDK, but we'll have other options as well (we'll elaborate on that a bit later).


  • The installer didn't install the modules!  What gives?
    A: We've had a couple of people mention this issue, which we hadn't seen before, and which apparently has only affected the Mac version.  We're looking into the problem and if we need to update the installer, we'll let all current customers know.  For now, if the installer fails to place the modules in the correct place (more details on this, and using the modules with other IDE's coming), you will be able to find them in the installation directory under ~/Applications/Platino_Studio/installassets/modules.  You can move them manually from there.

    Incidentally, if you have upgraded your OSX version after installing Platino Studio, you may need to reinstall the Java SE 6 runtime.  If you get a message when you launch Platino Studio that it requires Java SE 6, you can find the installer under ~/Applications/Platino_Studio/installassets as well, file name JavaForOSX.pkg.


  • I can't launch an iOS simulator after installing XCode 8.2.1.
    A: Stephen Feather has posted instructions on how to get iOS simulators working again in XCode 8.2.1.  Platino Studio does not currently come with Ti.SDK 5.5.1.GA, but this should work with the version it comes with as well.  We will be updating our installation package to include this version and this fix and will update customers when this is available.  For now, this should work for any v.5+ of the SDK:


  • Any other questions, comments, or concerns, off-color jokes, pictures of cats wearing horrible Christmas sweaters, or news about your game development projects!
    A: We urge you to go to and create a ticket if you have any other questions or problems, with the store site, downloading, installing, or using Platino.  Or post to the forums at, especially if you'd like to show off your games!  Or email us directly at

    For now, please do not email, Facebook, tweet, or otherwise try to contact Peach Pellen directly about Platino issues or questions.  We know she's been extremely helpful and communicative in the past, and she very much wants to help you and be an active part of the game dev community once again, but she's still on bereavement leave (and at the moment, spending time with her family in Australia), and is not checking email regularly anyway, so please use the methods listed above if you need anything at all.  You'll get a response within 24 hours (often far less) and either I personally or one of our dedicated, passionate developers or support staff will assist you.

    We really hate to seem rude, and it's absolutely okay if anyone has emailed Peach about Platino recently (although you may want to try any of the above if you haven't received a response), but we still need to show Peach the respect that she's more than earned over many, many years of spectacular work and support of her fans and friends and give her as much time as she needs.  We know you love her, and as soon as her status changes, we'll let everyone know.  Thank you so much!


Thanks, and again, please check back here often!  We know this list is not exhaustive, and we will be adding to it as we gather more information on some of the issues you've brought to our attention.  We'll put the date of the latest updates at the top of this post.

Happy holidays, and happy game dev!

John Gould
CEO, Black Gate Games

9 Responses

  1. We’re waiting for it! Looking forward to see the new version!

    • BTW, are you guys on TiSlack?

      • Joe

        Probably not a bad idea to open a ‘Platino’ channel within TiSlack.

  2. Sean

    So uh is Platino 4 coming? You guys said you’ll be “far more active in 2017” yet I don’t see a single post in 2017, and it’s already April. Did the company go under?

    • John Gould

      Hey Sean,

      The tl;dr answers to your questions are, yes, Platino 4 is coming and no, Platino, Inc. has not gone under!

      I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts and news in general so far. Life happened, is still happening, and our family here at Platino has had some continuing challenges. But we’re still here, not going anywhere, I can assure you, and we’re still working on Platino 4! We’ve had some low-key pre-Alpha presentations of the new engine and have received some fantastic feedback so far. We are still planning on releasing a Beta to all prior and existing Platino 3 customers in the first half of the year with a final release slated for Q4. We’ll strive to do a better job with more frequent updates and news as well as posting some pics and small demos, which will accelerate as we get closer to Beta, so please keep checking back. We will, in fact, be sending out a newsletter this week with more info.

      Thanks for checking up on us, honestly. I appreciate your keeping us honest, and although personal challenges can be a very difficult distraction to avoid, that doesn’t excuse our silence with the developer community. The good news is, we’ve not lost our focus and just need to be more publicly vocal about all of the great things we’re working on. I promise to do better.

      Cheers and happy game dev!

      John Gould
      CEO, Black Gate Games

      • Hi John,

        “We are still planning on releasing a Beta to all prior and existing Platino 3 customers in the first half of the year with a final release slated for Q4.”

        Any news now we’re in mid-August ’17?


        • John Gould

          Um… yes. I have to apologize again that the year is almost out with very little/no news re: Platino 4. We’re still here and we’re still working on it, but some very big and unexpected hurdles have pushed everything back significantly. I’m very sorry we haven’t been as communicative as we meant to be this year, and all I can say for now is, shit happened.

          I do plan on making an official announcement this week regarding our current schedule and with more information about what Platino 4 is going to be and what it’s not going to be and I hope that that will kick off a renewed excitement and interest in the platform. I know we have a very limited amount of good will that we can’t afford to squander and that we’ve certainly disappointed possibly permanently lost many fans and supporters. We’ve never gone away and don’t plan to any time soon, so thanks again to everyone who has been waiting and waiting with bated breath for some sort of news. We’ll keep on working and hope that we can win back your trust & support in the near future.

          • Hi John, Hi guys,

            I’m one of those still waiting for news guys. And now I’m a bit urgent to know about news, since I have 2 games that are now out of iOS 11 App Store because they were made in the earlier days of Lanica, and are not 64bits.
            I’m facing now the decision where to go from here, and Platino for me is still the choice, due to the lot of work that is are already on this games, and the know how.
            I’m not been using titanium/Appcelerator since a lot and my first attempt was to try compile the games with the latest compatible version – 5.1.1.GA for Ti and 3.0 for platino, using the shell and ti cli. But something strange is happening and I don’t know how to overcome. An exception `TypeError: Cannot read property ‘cyan’ of undefined is raised` and I’m not able to see further error.
            So, can you advance a bit more on the news, about Platino 4, or a way to build a development environment for Platino 3?
            Appreciate your efforts.

            See you.
            Humberto Neves

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