An Open Letter to our Developers

Developing apps is fun.  Developing games even more so ... Sometimes developing the tools, we have days that are far less fun.

So, we wanted to take a moment to explain to our loyal customers and followers what is going on, in a little more detail than the notice posted on our store.  When we sent out our newsletter last Wednesday announcing a release date of August 28th, when Platino Studio would be publicly available, we all believed we were ready to go, else we would not have made that announcement.

Come Friday, the 28th, we discovered a security problem with our licensing server that we felt was serious enough to delay until Monday, which was disappointing, but not horrible as it gave those of us not working directly on this issue a few more days to test out Platino Studio and add a little polish.

In those extra days of testing, we found an obscure problem with our method of building to iOS devices that appeared to affect a small, but not insignificant percentage of the devices we tested with.

Let me tell you, we were tempted to ship on Monday with the hope only a small number of our developers would encounter it, then we simply fix that in the coming week via our automated update process.

SO tempted.

But only for about 5 seconds.

Shipping with that kind of core functionality issue potentially affecting our users was simply not an option.  Each day this week, it seemed like we were mere hours from a solution, and we stayed lighthearted and optimistic.  But now we’re nearly a
week late, extremely sleep-deprived, and a little upset; but mostly, we're really sorry that you’re upset.  We don’t blame anyone at all for being frustrated, but the outpouring of support and encouragement and extreme patience has been amazing, and we're certainly grateful for that.

The good news is, we have fixed it!  We’re going through our last round of testing, and we will be releasing this fantastic product on Friday, September 4; as a sign of commitment, if we are late, even by an hour, Peach has vowed to give up Twinkies for a year, while John will give up Swiss Rolls for life.  So you know we’re serious.

Frankly, if we can get this out there tonight, we will, it's certainly our intention - but with the week we’ve had, we’d rather not overpromise, just in case.

The better news is, we’ve had an extra 6 days to add a few more bells and whistles that we had planned to put out in an update later!  A better interface for building to simulators/emulators, a slew of improvements to the code that talks to our licensing and update servers that greatly improves the overall experience, and a ton of little graphical improvements and niceties.

We will continue to improve, polish, and add features that will automatically download and install from our shiny new update servers on a VERY aggressive schedule.  This is version 1.0, so there is a LOT we want to add.  If you’ve followed our development of the Platino Engine since we acquired it in January, you know we love to get feedback and suggestions, and you KNOW we won’t stop working on it after this release!  This is just the beginning.

Thank you for your patience and understanding; we know delays are never fun, but we also know that releasing with a potentially blocking bug, missing feature or any security concerns would have been worse.

We are SO excited to have it resolved and extremely eager to get it out there and in your hands.  We can’t wait to see the awesome games and apps you build with it!


John and Peach

Peach: If anyone needs Platino 3 ASAP, please reach out to me directly at peach[at] and I'll get it to you before it, along with Studio, before everything rolls out tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks, we’re developers, we know how hard development could be. We’re artist and we want our art to be perfect.

    ps. Peach agree to invite a good nice pizza :)

    • peachpellen

      Thanks :-) As devs we know no version 1 will ever be perfect but we definitely want it to be as close as it can be, and get closer all the time!
      For Pizza – I don’t plan to be in Tampa any time soon, but Orlando and Miami I’m sure I’ll be visiting, if we can find a time and place that works I’ll totally buy you a pizza. :-)

  2. Thanks guys. Twinkies I can’t comment on, but Swiss Roll, giving that up is pure commitment.

    • peachpellen

      Swiss Rolls are good too – those, Twinkies and protein bars are the only thing I kept in my office until a few days ago when I got a fridge 😉

  3. Hurray!

    It’s great that you showed such commitment to your customers, both with the security side and the bug-fixing side. Kudos to you all.

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to :-)

    • peachpellen

      Thank you Michael :-) Most appreciated, as always. We know there are bugs, it’s our first release, but we are absolutely on top of them and looking forward to some very, very regular updates in the coming weeks.

  4. Hiya, bought the license last week in advance of the ‘Friday’ release. I’m not in the slightest bit bothered that the date was missed, I would much prefer that you released a product that you’re happy to put your name to rather than to rush something out just to satisfy a deadline. Well done.

    • peachpellen

      Hi Russell, thank you for your patience and kind words. As a first release, there are bugs, but we’re aware of this and are working hard to fix them, while also getting the product into our developer’s hands so they can help us find others that may have snuck in. We’re really excited about the updates we have planned once we smooth out the existing hiccups we’ve found, which of course is our top priority.

  5. Go go go guys. We know you are doing everything you can to get this release done. I hope you can release this asap so Peach dont have to give us Twinkies your a year. Hehe

    • peachpellen

      Thank you John! We really appreciate the patience. We made the release, but with a few expected first-release bugs, which we’re working on as I type. It’s very lucky I didn’t have to give up Twinkies, yes – my salary is actually 92% Twinkies, (my 401k refuses to take baked goods,) so I’d have been basically destitute 😉

  6. Guys, I am holding thumbs

    You will have great success, I know it! You have surpassed my expectations at every turn, this time will not be an exception.

    Heads up high, great things will follow!

    • peachpellen

      Thank you Frans-Carel, as always, we appreciate your support. I hope once we iron out one or two of these initial kinks you’ll be really pleased with the result. (We have our first update post-fix planned out already!) :-) I hope all is well.

  7. I’m just relieved we made it last night! I don’t think I could survive any more late nights like that without those delicious, chocolatey treats! Little Debbie, you are a sweet, sweet genius!

    • peachpellen

      This, only about 100 times angrier and 1000 times less adorable.

  8. Great job guys, appreciate those long hours. Can I ask how that free lifetime membership kicks in for previous purchasers?? Do I install the trial and login with my registered credentials to unlock everything?

    • peachpellen

      Hey Gary – soon you will be able to log in again, until then you can download and install the trial (new account, sorry!) and enter the key we emailed you for your lifetime membership. The trial download will email you a trial key, of course, but that has a 30 day expiry, which is the only limitation. Entering your lifetime key will remove that.
      Did that make sense? Let me know if you have any questions – we have a bug impacting a fair few users that we’re grinding to fix and as a result I haven’t slept in quite some time 😉 (Worth it.)

      • I haven’t received my key so far :( I checked and double-checked my inbox and junk folder… I should be registered using gary[at]pragmateq[dot]biz

        • peachpellen

          Hey Gary, I’m OOO right now but I will look at this in the next hour and make sure you get a key ASAP.

  9. Frans-Carel

    Peach, I am experiencing the same as Gary, received the original email, but not the key. Could you please check for my account franscarel [at] me [dot] com

    • peachpellen

      Sure thing Frans – email incoming in the next few minutes. Sorry, I’m not what the issue was with a few people not getting the mail; I know you’re in the system as I remember seeing your name.

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