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Disclaimer: In the near future we will have a well organized resources section here. This is a temporary list to help you get started while we improve our offerings. Some tutorials, namely those written by Peach Pellen (me!), are 100% functional but a little rough. If you have questions, please post in the forum and we'll help however we can. Please stay tuned for the updated page; we have a LOT of exciting things coming very soon.

Have a tutorial, sample or resource not listed here? Please let us know.

Getting Started:

Before you start, make sure you download and install Platino.


Platino for Newbies, Part 1

Created by peachpellen
A guide to your first project and first lines of code.

(Note: "Animo Code" is no longer an available editor, instead you will create a new mobile app project in Platino Studio, which you will download when setting up.)

Your first lines of Javascript Code in TiSDK

Created by peachpellen
A gentle intro to Javascript in the TiSDK.

Getting Started with TiSDK

Created by peachpellen
Another tutorial on installing TiSDK. (Slightly outdated - TiSDK is currently at 3.5.0.GA and Xcode at 6.)

Workshop Video: Making your first game with Platino

Created by colorado_it
A full video by Robert Bingam of a Platino workshop, showing you how to create your first game in under an hour.


Long touches and double taps in Platino

Created by peachpellen
Easily implement taps and long touches in your games.

Ego - easy saving and loading in your Platino app

Created by peachpellen
A simple class for saving/loading data in your Platino app.

Reading words from a file into your Platino app

Created by peachpellen
This tutorial shows you how to read a list of words into your Platino app.

Sample Code:

Our Official Sample Code

Make sure you check out our official sample code page for lots of different samples to help you get started.

Pairs in Platino

Created by peachpellen
A game matching pairs of cards in Platino.

Gears Demo

Created by peachpellen
Show some gears, animate them, speed them up, slow them down, reverse the direction, etc.

Boggle Clone in Platino

Created by peachpellen
A complete clone of the popular game "Boggle", in Platino.

Kick the Ball

Created by arayon_
Click/tap a ball to kick it around your screen.


Have a tutorial, sample or resource not listed here? Please let us know.