Below you will find everything you need to get started and build your projects, whether you are new to Platino and JavaScript, or you just need to learn some specific, new skills to implement more features in your games. Before you start, make sure you download Platino.

Check out our API documentation for a full list of supported APIs and examples of how to use them in your Platino projects.

New to Platino?

If you haven't already, download the latest version of Platino from our Store. After that, learn how to install Platino on your Mac or (coming soon) your Windows PC. Finally, if this is your first time using Platino, check out our Platino for Newbies tutorial (last updated March 7, 2014).

Sample Code

Our official sample code page is regularly updated with new sample projects you can download and run immediately. They're useful for when you want to see a lot of APIs in action, or if you are someone who learns best by experimenting with already-written code.


A list of third party resources including more sample code, tutorials and more. Some of these are written by members of the community, while others have been created by members of our own team who also use Platino for their personal development projects.


The perfect place to get your questions answered. The forum is new but slowly gathering more users, so while getting quick answers to your own questions you will also be helping others who may be seeking the same information in the future.

Have a tutorial, sample or resource not listed here? Please let us know.