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Peach Pellen

Chief Executive Officer, Director of Product Development

Peach Pellen

Peach is a Platino expert, having been involved with the engine since its inception. Originally Head of Developer Relations at Ansca Mobile, creator of the Corona SDK, she moved to Lanica when the Platino engine was created in 2012. As Senior Technical Writer, she wrote the majority of the engine's tutorials and documentation, and is well-known as the go-to community contact for Platino's many licensees.

When not evangelizing Platino, she found time to create Techority, a website devoted to helping new developers learn how to create apps on a variety of platforms. And as if that weren't enough, she is also a regular contributor to App Developer magazine, continuing to share her knowledge and passion for app-creation.

Peach is now continuing her devotion to quality software and app development, directing the Platino Studio team as well as overseeing Platino Inc.'s Professional Software Consulting division.